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Money Intelligence is a financial education organisation lead by an enterprising female CPA, Tax Agent and Financial Advisor, Susan Wahhab.  Susan is a Thought Leader on how Australians can live in a future without the pension.


About Us

Money Intelligence is a financial education organisation lead by an enterprising female CPA, Tax Agent and Financial Advisor, Susan Wahhab.  Susan is a Thought Leader on how Australians can live in a future without the pension.

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After spending 25 years immersed in the world of money, CPA and Financial Strategist Susan Wahhab realised in 2014 that it was time for her to share her financial knowledge and wisdom about money with her clients. As a result of having thousands of conversations with people from all walks of life and hearing their concerns about money, Susan concluded that lack of financial knowledge - what she calls MQ or Money Intelligence® - is what's stopping people from realising their personal and financial potential. 

After she finished writing the book, Susan realised that Money Intelligence® is not only for her clients, it's for every Australian. She realised that she needs to take this Money Intelligence® philosophy to the wider community. What followed is the Money Intelligence® Academy. The Academy's mission is to raise the level of society's MoneyIQ by providing seminars, online programs, retreats and educational books. 

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Our Vision + Mission

Our Vision + Mission

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Money Intelligence Vision

When we envisage the difference Money Intelligence makes to society, we see that we have inspired and empowered people to have a healthy and powerful relationship to money. Money Makers and Money Managers are working together in a winner partnership to serve their families, businesses or communities.  We see that they are in control of their money rather than money controlling them. They are using money as a tool to do good in the world.

Money Intelligence Mission

Our mission is: By 31st December 2030 we want to help

1)      1,000,000 people take control of their personal finances

2)      50,000 business owners realise the financial potential in their business 

3)      10,000 inspired Money Anchors to do good in the world

Money Intelligence Values

Our values are what is most important to us.  It is who we are in realising our vision and mission:

·         Contributors – We make a massive positive difference to our customers, team, society and the planet. 

·         Strategic – We are clear about which direction we are going in.  We choose our goals wisely.  We are smart about where we invest our time and money to maximise the positive impact we can have on society and the planet. 

·         Courageous – We step outside our comfort zone.  We push the boundaries.  We act in the face of fear.  We challenge ourselves. 

·         Organised – We set up our systems and processes so they work beautifully.  We build an army of ambassadors, affiliates and raving fans aligned and committed to our vision and mission. 

·         Innovative – We find better and better ways to deliver the difference we make to people.  We provide leading edge thought leadership and action into the world of money.

·         Authentic – We speak the truth, cut through the BS and get to the root cause of people’s money misery.  We deal with the facts.  We raise people awareness about their automatic reactions to money and inspire them into proactive action.

·         Collaborative – We work together with others as a team.  We complement each other’s skills and abilities.  The future is counting on us to do our bit.   

Align with us.  Together we can make this happen.

Susan's Story

Susan's Story

 My dad's shop in downtown Ramallah is still a fruit and vegetable store.

My dad's shop in downtown Ramallah is still a fruit and vegetable store.

We create our own money problems

I was 6 years old when I became aware of my parents’ business and financial problems. My father owned a grocery store in Ramallah, Palestine. He entrusted the running of the store to a friend while he started another business; a bakery and bread delivery service that he built from the ground up.

The bread run business found success and was quite profitable. But, the grocery store business was being mismanaged…its revenue was reducing and the reputation of the shop was being damaged… a slippery slide!  Over a short period of time, my Father was using the bread run profits to prop up the loss making shop.

My Mother was at home looking after five children and assisted the businesses by managing the finances. My parents quickly realised that things were not good and this caused major stress in their lives; they were struggling to make ends meet…The combined finances of the businesses were hemorrhaging.

At the ripe old age of 6, I began eavesdropping on my parent’s conversations and most specifically, the stress of their finances.

I was the eldest of my siblings and in Middle Eastern societies the eldest girls get taught to run the house from an early age. It was natural for me by age six to feel I could take on more responsibilities including helping my parents solve their money problems! I used to imagine that Jesus would come at night and top up the cash on mum’s dressing table so they can pay their bills. Every night I would eavesdrop against their bedroom door and listen to them talking about the business and their financial problems (their debts to the bakery reached the equivalent of ½ million dollars in today’s value). So when I overheard them saying that the experienced bread run manager was visiting us on the weekend, I knew I had to be part of the conversation.


 Eli Mahlab and my parents Victor and Souad Wahhab in Jerusalem July 2017. They went back to find Eli

Eli Mahlab and my parents Victor and Souad Wahhab in Jerusalem July 2017. They went back to find Eli

Money Maker + Money Manager + Money Mentor = Financial Success

The three of them were sitting in the middle of the shop drinking thick sweet Arabic coffee leaning on a small, Middle Eastern coffee table while I pretended to be playing with my siblings. What I heard Eli say changed my family’s life.

Eli said, “He said to my mum “you need to get more involved in the business and manage the finances and take over the shop”. This was revolutionary advice in 1975 in a small Middle Eastern town like Ramallah to tell the woman to take a key role in the family’s business and to tell the man “you need to allow your wife to manage the business because she is good at managing the money and you’re not. You’re good at making the money”.  While this advice was not revolutionary in a business sense, it did change the way my parents worked and the lifestyle outcome they achieved.

The advice changed the way I looked at earning money and how to best apply it to life goals and lifestyle. Decades later his advice would lay the foundation for the way I advise my clients as an accountant and financial adviser. Applying this simple approach to my clients over many years led me to write the book,  Money Intelligence!



Wealth is Within

The moment Eli told my parents what they needed to do to solve their business and financial problems I knew he was right. I intuitively felt his advice was the best piece of advice anyone can give. My parents didn’t need Jesus to bring them the money. My parents needed to use the resources within them to solve their money problems. Eli’s advice laid the foundation for an equal partnership where the Money Maker (my dad) and Money Manager (my mum) join forces to succeed in the family business. Eli’s advice was a catalyst for my mother’s female empowerment. Shortly after, my parents made the decision to join forces to save the family’s business with mum taking over the shop and the financial management of the two businesses. They managed to pay down their debts and build the family home within 10 years and worked really hard from 1975 to 1986.

 My parents - Victor and Souad Wahhab in 1982 at my cousin's wedding

My parents - Victor and Souad Wahhab in 1982 at my cousin's wedding

Female Empowerment begins with You

My mum grew into the role and transformed herself from a housewife with the equivalent of a Year 10 Certificate to an astute businesswoman. She fought hard in our town to be respected as a business woman and at one point ran after a sleazy chauvinist man with a stick to teach him a lesson on how to respect women (I have big shoes to fill!)

Over the past 20 years since I have been running my accounting and financial services practice, I always went “inwards” to find the solutions to personal, business and financial problems that I faced myself and gave the same advice to my clients. I have fought hard in the beginning to be accepted as a female running my accounting practice in Sydney. Initially, I tried to get a $15,000 unsecured business loan – but no bank would lend me without security. In fact, one “big four” bank employee said the bank couldn’t risk lending unsecured business loans to “accountants like you”. “Where are you going to find customers who will be happy to deal with a female accountant as the boss?” he asked. That was 1997! In the end I had to ask my awesome parents to secure their home to get the business loan.


Money Intelligence® Philosophy

Money Intelligence® Philosophy

 Susan's Money Intelligence Philosophy - Balance financial skills with personal development 

Susan's Money Intelligence Philosophy - Balance financial skills with personal development 

Susan’s Money Intelligence® Philosophy

After being on this 40 year journey of personal development and growth - and at the same time sharpening my financial skills – Bachelor in Accounting, Masters in Accounting, CPA Program, SMSF Specialization, Diploma of Financial Planning, Cert in Property Services and Real Estate - I believe that I bring a unique perspective to the world of money and finance. Money Intelligence® philosophy that I share in my book combines both the personal growth/development PLUS the financial/technical skills to make profound change to my client’s business and personal lives. 

Growing up in a small business family environment, spending half my childhood growing up in a shop, surviving life under Israeli occupation, seeing my mum grow into her role from a housewife to a shrewd business woman taught me that resilience, self belief and determination are the best and only weapons that humans can safely carry with them to flourish in business and to secure the family’s future.


Money Intelligence® - Helping your business secure your Family’s Wealth

After reflecting on my parents’ 40 year business journey and my 22 year journey, I am clear that the purpose of your business should be to create and secure your family’s wealth. If your business is not profitable enough to secure your personal and family’s wealth, you are taking a huge risk for no reward; you are losing sight of why you want to make money and why you’re in business in the first place. I can take this even a step further and boldly declare that for you to flourish in your business, you need to first do your personal and family’s wealth strategy/plan then work backwards to determine how you want to run your business, how much profits you need to generate and work out your exit/business succession strategy.

I can help you build your personal wealth using your small business profits and tax effective structures to help you secure your personal and family’s wealth and make the most of your hard earned money. You can achieve personal, financial, freedom within 15-20 years not 40 years!

Personal financial freedom is within reach the moment you change your money mindset.



Below are testimonials from thought leaders and clients on Susan's work

“Who would have thought that a book by an accountant could be so engaging, heartfelt and profound, as well as practical, informative and liberating? The strategies and value driven philosophies in this book helped me and my partner to courageously get on the wealth track, stay on track and increase our MQ! I have had the pleasure to reap the rewards of Susan as our Money Mentor, but now we can all have her by our bedside, reminding us daily of the Investorgetic® habits to live by. We all need a cheerleader! (and the outfit to match!) Make your next determined step to financial liberation - read this book"

          — Gabriella Horak - CEO What's Your Edge? Speaker and Facilitator

“Susan’s work is an inspiration. I have known her for years now and can see how she has created such a successful business with care and attention. Now with Money Intelligence we get to see the events and ethos that shapes her advice, wealth philosophy and take on so much more than money”

        — Matt Church - International Speaker and Founder of Thought Leaders Global

“Susan has managed to take a complex (and often ignored) subject and turn it into a compelling read and formula for life-long prosperity. This is not just a book on how to manage your money, this is a transformational guide on how to live a fruitful and comfortable life. This is a book for every adult, of any age, and a must for anyone with children as the life lessons in here will stand your kids in good stead for the rest of their days.”

        — Kim McGuinness - Managing Director Mentor Central

“Beautiful. Practical. Confronting. 
Beautiful - It’s odd that I should be describing a book on financial planning “beautiful’! And yet this is a beautiful book, illustrated with gorgeous black and white drawings and stories about Susan’s colourful family history.
Practical - This is a book every leader should read in order to understand why personal financial security is a critical skill, and what to do about it. Susan’s explanations and client case studies bring her teaching to life. 
Confronting - I thought my financial affairs were in a pretty good state. Now I know there’s more to do! Thankfully Susan has told me how to do it! Read this book and build your Money Intelligence.”

        — Corrinne Armour Director Fearless Leadership Author, Speaker, Mentor

“This book is not your normal money saving and investment books in the market. It’s written in a very simple fashion that a person with no financial background can understand. The writer has included her own family story of struggle that for me as a migrant myself is very touching. The mix of a personal story (very interesting one) , client sample cases and the finance idea’s for building a self funded retirement created a book that you want to follow to the end . This book is emotional , inspirational and recommended to any one interested to build wealth or need inspiration to forge forward and build a better future for themselves and their family.”

        — Shahin Azizmohamad SAP HR/PY Consultant

“Susan Wahhab’s book ‘Money Intelligence’ is truly inspirational! So beautifully written from the heart, it is so much more than a finance book. Susan’s ability to weave in her incredible personal story gives hope to a fractured world that we can unite and find a way to world peace, while her advice on money intelligence is so compelling and practical that not only can we all learn from Susan’s wisdom, but also recognise a better and more prosperous and generous way of being in the world. Thank you Susan for writing this book and for sharing your family, your history and your incredible wisdom with us all. ”

                                                                                              — Maree McKeown - Facilitator, Speaker, Mentor

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“In stereotype terms, a book written by an accountant for citizens who wish to develop their ‘money intelligence ‘ might be considered heavy and hard to read. But by using illustrations, diagrams, and columns of figures related to the case studies, Susan has created an engaging text; perhaps more to be consulted than read in one go. ”
— Stuart Rees – Professor Emeritus, Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Sydney

“It’s totally not a finance textbook. It’s actually far from it and so far I found it a very good read. It’s a fascinating story that starts in the turbulent times of 1970s Palestine and ends with a practical guide to long-term financial security.”

— Ian White, FCPA and Owner of Professional Edge Pty Ltd


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