Transform your money mindset, change your financial life

We all know that to get healthy and fit, we need to eat less and exercise more. It is easy to say but hard to practice! It’s the same with financial fitness. We all know we need to spend less, make more money and invest!

So, why isn’t everybody wealthy? 

You cannot achieve your financial potential without Money Intelligence. At Money Intelligence Academy, we believe that to create wealth, you not only need strong financial skills and knowledge, you also need to understand your own psychology – what motivates you, what you think about money and why. Money Intelligence® brings together the financial knowledge and positive psychology to ensure your financial transformation becomes a reality.

Our financial education courses will help you effectively manage your personal and business finances: 

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Do you want to make the most of the money you earn? Or do you want to live it up and waste your best earning years on bags, shoes, clothes and flashy cars?

Become a money master not a money slave. Make better financial decisions by taking control of your money and the inner conversations you have about money.

Introducing: Master Your Money Course: this 8 week course will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to make good decisions about your spending and saving. It will not only transform your relationship to money, it will show you how to pay down your debts, create a money plan and achieve financial freedom.

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PROFIT MASTER COURSE - Realizing the profits in your business (6 Months)

Do you want your business to just get by…Barely? Or do you want your business to thrive, flourish and make a decent profit?

Identify unrealized profits in your business. Learn the inner workings of revenue, cash flow, expenses, sales targets, payroll and taxation to maximize the profitability and long term financial security of your business.

Introducing the Profit Master Course: this 6 month step by step program will show you how to achieve high profitability in your business and use those profits to build your personal wealth and strengthen your business financial position.