It's 1st of December and the silly season is officially upon us! Tis the season to spend, spend, spend!

Do you buy more than you need during the festive season? It’s easy to get carried away. There are so many temptations: 2 for 1 deals; buy now, pay later; 12 months’ interest-free. We happily whip out our credit cards while “Jingle Bells” plays merrily in the background.
Meanwhile, our debt soars.
It doesn’t have to be this way. You can still enjoy the festive season without racking up debt.
The key is to discard your Consumerholic mindset for an Investorgetic® one.
Investorgetic® is a term I coined in my book, Money Intelligence®. While a Consumerholic consumes as much as possible with no regard for their financial future, an Investorgetic® thinks long term and is passionate about building their wealth.

So how can you be an Investorgetic® during the festive season?

  • Write a gift list. Set a budget and stick to it.

  • Think carefully about what to buy. Books for the kids can be enjoyed over and over, while toys might be played with for a day then thrown away.

  • Look at what you already have. Do you really need more “stuff”? 

  • View quality time with friends and family as a sound investment, rather than worrying about buying them expensive gifts.

  • Go on fun trips with the kids. Australia has so many beautiful places to visit over the holidays that don’t cost a thing.

  • Become more connected to your community by volunteering with an organisation you feel passionate about. 

With a little forethought, you can have a wonderful Christmas full of love and giving – without having to pile on the debt.
Here’s my five-step plan to help you become an Investorgetic® in 2017 and beyond:
Step 1: Money Intelligence® and 8 Ways to Outsmart the Banks
Want to know how you can beat the banks at their game? For the past few weeks, I have been sharing my money-saving tips in my 8 Ways to Beat the Banks blog series:

These inspiring articles with practical plans of action are now available in the one e-book exclusively for every Winner Partnership client. Download your FREE copy of 8 Ways to Outsmart the Banks.

I also invite you to order Money Intelligence® as a Christmas gift for family and friends. You can DOWNLOAD the first three chapters here. To order the book, click ORDER BOOK

Step 2: MQ Investorgetic® Workshops
Learn how you can plan for a financially prosperous future at the MQ Investorgetic® Workshops. These workshops are FREE for Winner Partnership clients and available to the public for $34.95. Our next workshop is on 7th December 2016, from 5.15pm to 6.30pm at the Grace Hotel. Here is the link to register on Eventbrite. We will run monthly public workshops from January 2017 onwards. My mission is to educate as many people about money as I humanly can. You don't need to be earning or have lots of money to qualify. This kind of education is needed across society. 

Step 3: MQ budget coming soon! FREE for Winner clients and anyone who purchased Money Intelligence book
Plan for 2017 with our MQ budget! We are currently working on an easy-to-use budget for three types of people: single, couple and family. The MQ budget will be available FREE to download for Winner Partnership clients and anyone who purchased Money Intelligence® book. Stay tuned for the download link. We will email you before we break by 23rd December 2016. 

Step 4: Start your 2017 plan NOW  

We usually leave the planning for the new year when the new year arrives while we enjoy the silly season and get that credit card out of our pocket numerous times! It's like my dieting plan: indulge on the weekend eating my mum's delicious food and wait for Monday to start the diet! I have been doing Mondays for the past year every week!

Don't wait for Monday! Don't wait for 1st January. Begin thinking what your 2017 will look like now:

a) Take stock of your current assets (what you own) and liabilities (what you owe). Are you in the red or black?

b) Review your income and expenses. The best way to do that is to download 12 months of data (csv file) of every bank account and credit card you have and organise it on excel based on suppliers names and then add up what you spend on each. We have done this many times for clients and most get amazed and "shocked" at how much they spend on take aways! We always find savings for our clients as we help channel the savings into "don't you dare touch" savings account so they can begin the journey of investing!

Step 5: Join Susan's Investorgetic® movement and become money intelligent

Becoming Investorgetic® is not as glamorous as being a Consumerholic. I can't compete with Isla Fisher's Confessions of a Shopaholic movie! But we all know that it's the Investorgetic® who will have the last laugh this silly season and beyond. Join my Investorgetic® movement and let's increase your MQ. Move over Isla, here comes Susan!!


Wishing you love, peace and Investorgetic® spending this holiday season!

Susan Wahhab —CPA, SMSF Specialist, Entrepreneur, Working Mum, Small Business Supporter—is Australia’s leading Financial Strategist and Money Mentor. Susan is the founder and managing director of Accounting and Financial Services firm Winner Partnership Pty Ltd  

Susan is the author of the transformational and practical book Money Intelligence®. Susan is passionate about helping people achieve financial liberation. At the age of six, she witnessed how her money-savvy mum (whom she calls the money manager) joined forces with her dad (whom she refers to as the money maker) to save the family business from bankruptcy and become financially free. Susan truly believes that people can become financially liberated by developing a healthy relationship with money. Learn more about being money intelligent