This is principle # 1 - how to integrate spiritual principles into your finances part of the 7 principles on how to build wealth with Money Intelligence. I will share the 7 principles in this blog and video for the next two weeks till New Year's  eve. If you believe in this message, please share with those you love. 

"Comparison is the thief of joy" Theodore Roosevelt

After spending 25 years working as a financial professional and listening to thousands of money conversations with people from all socio-economic, cultural and religious backgrounds, I can say that the biggest problem our society as a whole has is our relationship with money

Every social structure we have created, every social interaction we have, every relationship we pursue has money "stuck with it". I have made (and still do!) many money mistakes while having conversations in my meeting room with so many good people who are looking for a different way of living life but do what society expects them to do: 

"We bought the house on the beach because my sister in law bought one in the next suburb and now we are stuck with a huge mortgage. We know we can't afford it but we need to find a way to pay it off"

"I am making money in my business, I deserve an expensive car to impress the women" 

"Next year we will be celebrating our business success on our new expensive yacht and show it off for all to see that we made it"

"Life is what happens to you while you're having other plans" John Lennon

How we view money is the same way we view ourselves, life and relationships. Those views are a function of our social construct that determines as a whole what's acceptable and what's not.

What is acceptable now in this modern age is pursuing the lifestyle of the rich and famous, the successful and the visible: live the dream even if you end up mortgaging everything you own including your undies (well if you buy them on credit card you are mortgaging them!); send your kids to expensive private schools for future career connections while you draw down against your home equity and get in more debt; accept jobs that don't inspire you because you have to pay the mortgage and feel the need to reward yourself with an expensive leased car. You feel you need to keep the charade to keep it all going while you're dreaming of another life. 

How tiring is that? 

"I never lose, I either win or learn" Nelson Mandela

As 2016 comes to an end, I reflect on a challenging but spiritually educating year, once I accepted the hero's call to spread my message of Money Intelligence. Joseph Campbell outlines the Hero's Journey that we all go through once we answer the call to a new adventure. I took time to think about the year that's about to finish. I realised that I - like my clients who come to see me with money dilemmas - got caught in the same dilemma as well! I realised that the tiredness, the sickness and the mistakes made hiring the wrong people the past few months stemmed from my need to prove something to myself and others just like those who want an expensive leased car and I totally forgot why I wrote the book in the first place!

How tiring is that? 

We are all human and we fall into the trap of trying to prove something to someone or to ourselves. From my personal experience, this unconscious automatic need brings nothing but misery, costly mistakes, an unsustainable lifestyle and con artists who take advantage of our unconscious flawed desires. I conclude that this is a result of a weakness in one's heart. It's a weakness in my heart; a weakness in our hearts; a weakness in our society's heart. There is darkness in all of us and it manifests in needing to keep up with the Kardashians, forming hasty and weak relationships in business and life. Just watch the money go to waste!

"But like darkness present in us, light is in us too"

This light is what has carried humanity for thousands of years to this point. Our Hero's Journey should we choose to accept it, allows us to see our weaknesses but also gives us a chance to make a choice to use the strength in our hearts to rise above our weaknesses, our personal limitations, our limiting beliefs, and our need to prove all the time that we are worthy and that we are good enough to be loved and noticed. 

We are all on this human path feeling like life takes us wherever it goes. But it's not life that does that. It's our spirit forcing us to experience the good and the bad so that this weakness in our hearts can be strengthened by what we become aware of. Self awareness is the key to successful life, business, relationships and a rich and abundant life. Without this awareness, we would keep making the same mistakes while expecting a different result. It's not Money Intelligent, is it?

Watch this 1 minute video on money and spirituality before I conclude below how to "get out of the rut"

"Forgiveness is a virtue of the brave" Indira Gandhi

To let go of this weakness we must see that any failure is a lesson in training for success in another time and place. If we don't learn the lesson, we keep living the same ground hog day.

Forgiving ourselves and others (we are all trying to survive in our own way) is the first step towards strengthening our heart. This allows us to make courageous decisions and as a result actions that are aligned with our real true self. Who we are becomes a function of our heart's strengths not weaknesses. 

"The Path of the Brave or the Path of the Kardashians?"

For all those awesome people I meet who come to see me and for those who are destined to cross paths with me, I say to you that success in life, business and money comes when you choose the path of the brave and live your life according to your spiritual beliefs and according to your values. If things are not working for you right now, it's because of this spiritual mis-alignment.

Take the time this Christmas to ponder what went wrong, what went right and which path (the path of the brave or the path of the Kardashians!) you want to walk on in 2017 and beyond. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow as I share Principle # 2: Identify the Money Intelligence Values that most resonate with you and learn how to integrate them into your money practices.  


Susan Wahhab —CPA, SMSF Specialist, Entrepreneur, Working Mum, Small Business Supporter— is Australia’s leading Financial Strategist and Money Mentor. Susan is the founder and managing director of Accounting and Financial Services firm Winner Partnership Pty Ltd  

Susan is the author of the transformational and practical book Money Intelligence®. Susan is passionate about helping people achieve financial liberation. At the age of six, she witnessed how her money-savvy mum (whom she calls the money manager) joined forces with her dad (whom she refers to as the money maker) to save the family business from bankruptcy and become financially free. Susan truly believes that people can become financially liberated by developing a healthy relationship with money. Learn more about being money intelligent