In my book Money Intelligence™ - Anchored in Values, I urge my reader to shift his/her money mindset from a Consumerholic to an Investorgetic™ (a term I coined to mean someone who is passionate about investing).

The shift is not only possible, it is achievable and within the reach of the average Australian. From as low as $50 per week set aside towards investing for your retirement, I can show you what this $50 per week can do to your investment balance when you reach retirement.

But to save that money aside, you need to shift your mindset from a Consumerholic to an Investorgetic™. We have been getting used to spending and borrowing the past two decades thanks to the infiltration of credit cards since the 1990s.  

Like the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, you can transform from a Consumerholic to an Investorgetic™ if you aim higher, if you expect more results out of your daily grind, if you plan on converting a percentage of your income into income producing assets.

Your potential is unlimited when you connect with your higher prosperity self and stop being afraid and allow yourself to dream. You only limit your potential by your unconscious beliefs, your unquestioned assumptions, your negative self-talk, and your own prejudices: “I am not a good saver because no one taught me”, “We never talked money at home”, “I was made to feel guilty about having money”. You get stuck by those limiting beliefs and do not allow yourself to reframe your mindset to unleash your ambition. You let fear trap you.

You can shed your prejudices and question your assumptions about money by being honest about your secret ambition: abundance in your life.

Why pretend?

A healthy ambition doesn’t hurt anyone. It gets you out of bed in the morning and keeps you motivated. You need that ambition to drive you. Your ambition should include building your wealth for the long term so that you can stand on your feet at retirement rather than wait for an uncertain pension future. Ambition and a sense of pride will enable you to choose independent living, rather than being dependent on others for your future needs.

Begin NOW your journey towards financial liberation and get educated on how to become money intelligent. That's Susan's "2 cents" worth on money intelligence and the road towards financial liberation. You can order Susan's Money Intelligence™ - Anchored in Values book SHOPIFY