When I first started my journey to write Money Intelligence™ book, I initially thought I would just write a book about the virtues of investments and share my love of property investing and financial wisdom of twenty years being an accountant and financial adviser. Initially I only had my clients in mind when I began writing this "must love investing" book.

Little did I know that a story telling exercise to help my creative subconscious mind write this book would lead me to money intelligence. Little did I know that this "must love investing" book that was supposed to be only for my clients would lead me to realise this book is not only for them but more importantly for Australia. Little did I know that what I really wanted to say with courage and conviction to my clients and to every Australian is this: we need to shift our society's mindset from Consumerholic to Investorgetic™ (a term I coined to mean someone passionate about investing) to save future generations and take personal responsibility of our financial future.

The beginning of my journey was the hardest. I spent three months from August to December 2014, writing my story and my family's story without knowing where it was to lead me. I then spent more months from January to April 2015 trying to figure out what the moral of the story is and if it had anything to do with my life purpose.

Many people say that one's life theme becomes clearer to them when death comes knocking if they're lucky to have enough time to reflect on their past and make connections and conclusions that were not as clear to them before. That's what happened to me and luckily I didn't need to experience a near death episode or have a major life crisis. Story telling led me to my life's theme so far: to transform people’s lives through my gift of money intelligence. I am hoping I still have another forty years in me to make the world a better place before I say goodbye to my community and leave this planet.

Making a difference before I leave this planet was also the reason I started my journey into writing the book. I know there is more to life than doing tax returns and financial equations!  But what seemed to me as a "life of tax and financial process machinery" was nothing but an apprenticeship in money intelligence. I realised months later after writing my story that I have been living with my money intelligence story since 1975 when I was six years old running around with my siblings on the streets of Ramallah and playing hopscotch in my parents shop.

Writing the story led me to create Susan's Money Intelligence model that I want to share with every Australian hoping it would make a difference to your life, financial and non-financial. The model is based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs model. For money intelligence is not about getting "outrageously rich". Although you could use the financial strategy that I subscribe to and amplify the numbers to suit your level of need. But I am a contrarian financial strategist who believes that we can be happy by pursuing "the philosophy of enough" - enough money making, enough investing, enough working. But not enough family time and not enough play time!


We don't say “enough” often enough. We say "more", "I want more", "continuous growth", "increasing profits", "higher share price", "more bonuses", "bigger salary".

Why is “enough” not enough? Why do we want more? Why do we get greedy? Why do we trample on others for positions and power only to find ourselves lonely at the top? Why are we okay with losing relationships and not okay with losing money? Why is it acceptable to leave a trail of environmental devastation behind to ensure profits and share price are intact? Why is it economically and socially acceptable to lay people off to send the work overseas so the corporation makes more profits? For what? For more? What are you going to do with more while people lose their homes? Does more money make you happy?

So money intelligence is about getting to know “what is enough” for you and making a conscious decision to live a life of contentment.  Why do you need to be content? Happiness of course. What else is there? For happiness can lead you towards peace. Isn’t that what we all wish for?

So how do we get to happiness and peace?

Values...Values is what makes us. Values drive us. But most of the time we don't know which ones. Getting in touch with those values and getting clear on which ones you want to live your life by would make your life much easier to deal with.

Knowing those values can help you change your life and with it your world. Getting anchored in those values shapes who you become and with it helps you find your life purpose.

Knowing your values can help you make the right choices in life:

·   Are you really happy studying law/accounting/finance just because your parents want you to be a lawyer or because you love it?

·   Are you really happy working in the corner at work or do you wish for more leadership roles?

·  Are you really happy leading people or you just wish to go back writing computer programs all day?

·  Are you happy with the one you’re with because you love them or because they fit a particular look for your status?

·  Do you really know what you want to do with the rest of your life?

·   Do you feel trapped in a relationship because you’re scared from an abusive partner?

·   Do you feel you are doing things that you don’t believe in at work and are scared to blow the whistle?

·  Are you happy shuffling paper and betting on people losing their jobs and homes?

·  Are you happy with the amount of debt you got yourself into to secure “the house and the car” that you dreamt for years to get only to still feel empty?

If you are afraid to live your truth and live a life of self-determination, choose self-belief, resilience and personal responsibility

If you want to create a Winner Partnership, choose collaboration, trust and accountability

If you want to change your money mindset, choose discipline, ambition and adaptability

If you want to succeed in what you want to do, choose passion, excellence and integrity

If you want to transform and change your life, choose Magna vision, faith and courage

If you want to be rich and happy, choose contribution, empowerment and compassion. Choose to become a Money-Anchor whose purpose in life is to share, contribute and leave a legacy.

Choose happiness and with it comes your peace.

That’s Susan’s “2 cents” worth on money intelligence and the road to happiness and peace. If you want to know more, you can order Susan’s Money Intelligence® - Anchored in Values book! Printed copy and E-book are available on Shopify.