I began writing Money Intelligence™ - Anchored in Values book in 2014 as Sydney was transitioning from winter to spring. Initially, I wanted to write a book on "how to invest and build wealth" to inspire my clients to become Investorgetic™ (a term I coined to mean someone who is passionate about investing). I thought the book would be a pure finance book on how to save tax and build wealth through property investments and super funds. 

What I didn't expect was the surprise the writing journey unravelled for me while I found myself writing about my parents' business journey in Palestine. I narrate my parents' - Victor and Souad Wahhab - story of fighting against all odds to build a successful business in Ramallah, Palestine in the 1970s and 1980s while living under Israeli occupation. My Palestinian parents joined forces in 1975 to save the family's business from financial ruin as a result of wise counsel from their Israeli friend and mentor Eli Mahlab.  

I witnessed Eli's advice to my parents at the family business shop in downtown Ramallah when I was six years old. I saw the three of them get three small chairs sipping coffee while I listened in on the "adults' conversation". Eli said to my mum, "Victor is not good with managing the money. You need to help him with the business finances". He then turned to my dad and said: "You need to allow your wife to help you by taking an active role in managing the business and the finances". 

Advising a Palestinian Arab man to get his wife involved in business back in 1975 was a revolutionary idea for a conservative family in a sleepy town like Ramallah. But it was the best piece of advice that they ever got from a great mentor who wanted his friends (despite the differences and conflict between them) to succeed. 

What I witnessed that day at my parents shop was the inception and creation of a Winner Partnership –M3 ™ between my dad whom I call the Money Maker, my mum whom I call the Money Manager and Eli whom I refer to as the Money Mentor.  I realised while writing the book that what I witnessed at the shop at a very young age was what I call a shift in mindset that helped my family build their business to achieve the family's personal goals (build the family's three story white stone home surrounded by Ramallah's olive mountains and send their five children to university to pursue higher education).  

I realised I wanted to share my parents story and journey in Palestine from the perspective of a Money Mentor while giving tribute to my parents’ resilience and self-determination. I wanted to share the values they taught me while growing up in Ramallah with the world not only with my clients. I also realised as a true believer in personal development that it isMindset that determines people's habits and actions and as a consequence their destiny. From my point of view, it's Money Intelligence™ that builds wealth. If one has the right Money Intelligence™ value principles then wealth can be built much easier.

I have seen in my capacity as a Financial Strategist how some people inherit millions but end up losing their money on extravagant lifestyle choices while people from humble backgrounds and hardly any connections build big businesses and personal fortunes. The difference I believe is Mindset. 

In my Money Intelligence™ book, I impart two decades of financial experience and wisdom while weaving my parents story and sharing my clients money journeys to unveil “Susan’s Money Intelligence™ model”, the values and money mindset principles that I share candidly and authentically with my reader. I wish my message of shifting one's mindset from Consumerholic to Investorgetic™ would be taken up seriously by very hard working Australians whom I believe deserve a fair go in the form of goodfinancially strategic advice.

Each chapter in the book features contemporary Palestinian art designed by a young and talented Palestinian artist and Ramallah resident Natalie Najjar. Natalie has also designed eight Mandala inspired drawings that will be part of the MQ Boot Camp curriculum. Two of those Mandala inspired drawings will be gifted with the book purchase.

While designing the drawings for my book, Natalie and I realised that the next step for her is to create her own Mandala inspired Peace drawings book. Natalie’s book will feature peace drawings inspired by peace quotes from leaders who want to share their “2 cents worth” on realising peace.

As a result of my writing journey, I realised that the book is my mission and my gift to humanity. Therefore, all profits from the book will be going to organisations that promote peace, culture and art including Sydney Peace Foundation, The Freedom Theatre Jenin, The Gaza Music School, Project Hope Nablus, EAPPI, the Parents Circle Forum, Combatants for Peace and Peace Happens. 

The book (printed and ebook) is currently available to purchase on SHOPIFY.