Money Intelligence Course - Intermediate

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Money Intelligence Course - Intermediate

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Take the leap and begin your investing journey with the right foundation. Learn how to article your money intelligent values, your financial vision and write down your financial blueprint

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Money Intelligence Course - Take the leap

Want to know what to do next when it comes to your finances? Use your savings to begin your Prosperity Path. 

You don't know what to do with the savings you now have? Buy your first home, rent where you want to live, buy an investment property in another city that you can afford, or just go on an overseas holiday! 

If you don't know where to start from on your wealth journey, you're in the right place! We dealt with self-limiting beliefs in the Money Intelligence for Beginners course. This phase is about how you can create a Magna Vision that resonates with you. This Magna Vision is not about making millions although you can do that if you want. It's about knowing who you are, getting to articulate your values and as a result create your Vision for your life. 

This eight-week course will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to make money intelligent decisions about what and where to invest as you create your 20 years financial plan.  


Module 1: Work out your Values. Who are you? What do you stand for? What's the most important thing in your life? Get clear on your values. Incorporate the 18 Money Intelligence Values into your Values Board. 

Module 2: Understand Your Money Personality. What kind of Money person are you? Do the MQ Type assessment to know your profile and how you can use this profile to make/manage your money better. Understand your partner's MQ Type and forge a winner partnership to capitalise on your strengths.

Module 3: Know Your Risk Profile. Before you begin your investing journey, you need to understand your risk compass. Are you risk averse or a risk taker? Do you prefer investing in cash, shares or property? If you know who you are, no one can fool you with their next "rich quick scheme". It's important that you "know thyself" to minimise the chances of losing your money/investments as you climb up the wealth ladder. You will receive a risk profile report outlining your risk compass. 

Module 4: Create Your Financial BlueprintLearn how to create your financial blueprint. How much money you will need for the short, medium  and long term. Create your financial plan over 20 - 30 years. You will create your Blueprint Vision Board and hang it on your wall to visualise it every day. 

Module 5: Learn how to Leverage. Learn how to use your income, savings, equity and tax to leverage your investments in growth assets like property and shares. Find out how much you can borrow, what the banks are prepared to lend you based on your income and household budget. 

Module 6: Protect Your Wealth. Review all your insurance plans and make the necessary changes to ensure you are neither over insured nor under insured and take advantage of tax deductibility of certain insurances and allocate them in the right financial structure to minimise tax and cashflow wastage. 


This is not just a feel-good course. It gives you real, practical steps that are easy to implement so you can build your Wealth Blueprint and implement your financial plan. 


No need to waste time travelling for this course. Learn at your convenience. All you need is your desktop, tablet or mobile device.


Susan Wahhab is a Financial Strategist, CPA, SMSF Specialist and a Tax Agent. Her 25 years of financial and tax skills have helped hundreds of her clients become financially secure. 


  • Know what you need to do to start your investing journey. 
  • Create your financial plan for the long term.
  • Know what you can afford in terms of investing and how much you can borrow. 
  • Learn what your Risk Profile is so you can invest with confidence and self awareness 
  • Learn your Money Type and how you can use it to forge winner partnership with your life/business partner
  • Where and How to invest in growth assets like shares, property (residential, commercial, land, car parks)
  • Learn how to save on your insurances and make the most of the tax deductibility available 


  • There are six modules. Each week for eight weeks, you will receive an email with access to the current module.
  • Watch the weekly video and complete the workbook. This will only take 1-2 hours per week.
  • Send through your completed homework by the end the week.
  • One one one call at the beginning of the course with Susan
  • Weekly group coaching sessions for 8 weeks with Susan
  • Six monthly support with one hour a month group call with Susan
  • Share your breakthroughs in a private Facebook group. Connect with like-minded people who will support you on your journey to prosperity. 


The Money Intelligence - Intermediate Course is designed and delivered by leading financial strategist Susan Wahhab. It is based on her transformational and practical book, Money Intelligence®. Susan offers a unique money philosophy by balancing the practice of financial planning with the science of personal development. Not only this, she gives you practical steps on how to create your financial plan. 

With more than 25 years in the financial services industry, Susan has helped hundreds of clients become money savvy and achieve financial independence. And she can do the same for you.

PROGRAM DATES July - December 2018

- 20th August, 2018 – 12th October, 2018. Bookings will open 25th June 2018. 

- 22nd October, 2018 - 14th December, 2018. Bookings will open 6th August 2018. 



Susan will be offering this course free of charge to two people in need every time it is run. If you are a refugee, an indigenous Australian or a single mum who needs to start her life again, please email and tell her your story and why you want to do this course. Susan will then choose two people to do this life-changing course for free. 


“I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone speak about money where you realise how genuinely it is about love, about value, about resourcing the joy in our life for all the right reasons.”
 Sarah Cornally - Leadership advisor, author and former president of NSAA
“Susan’s work is an inspiration. I have known her for years now and can see how she has created such a successful business with care and attention. Now with Money Intelligence we get to see the events and ethos that shapes her advice, wealth philosophy and take on so much more than money.”          
Matt Church - International Speaker and Founder of Thought Leaders Global
"Totally engaging speaker. Susan explains what I previously thought to be a complex subject simply! I walk out the door able to implement something easily tomorrow that will improve the quality of my life for the future plus other strategies I can work towards to ensure I can have a quality financial future. This is such an amazing thing, such a service to us. Thank you Susan, you are fantastic." 
Michelle Handscomb, Business Analyst

"Susan's content and delivery was informative and engaging; even after a very very long day at work, she had my full attention. I'm leaving excited about real things I can do to ensure I have enough money to retire on,"
Eloise Garcia, Project Manager
“I was so inspired by your talk about property and Super; I’ve been trying to find out this information for years, literally.”
Bernadette Foley, Editor and Publisher
"Susan's advice makes sense. I got a lot of tips like how to start saving money, how to be smarter with my money and how to be able to have a better life when I am 65 or 70. If I continue spending the money the way I'm doing now I would probably struggle as an old person and this made me realise I need to be smarter with my money. I will start doing salary sacrificing so I can save more in my super and later I want to start investing in an investment property."   
Paulo Mendez, Team Leader
"Simply enrolling in the money intelligence course resulted in my attitude toward money changing. Before I had even finished the course, with the insights of Susan and her team of financial experts, I got together a deposit and am about to purchase a property! I am so excited by the future. I believe Susan is motivated to run this course by a genuine desire to help others - by sharing her "Money Intel". It works for me! Thank you so much Susan"
Adam (not his real name!), Award Winning Architect
"Hi Susan, I think what you are doing is fabulous! Your valuable knowledge has helped me in my circumstances (after just a few emails and a skype!)"
Danielle S, Marketing Consultant
The Money Intelligence course helped me identify the source of many of my money issues. This course also encouraged me to take ownership and start planning better for the future. Whilst I still have a way to go, it was a journey worth starting and I'm now travelling in a more sustainable direction.
Simon T, Physiotherapist
I am so pleased to have participated in and completed the Money Intelligence course. The course was compelling and embodied a lovely balance of both reflection and action for the topic areas. The rhythm of the journey was clever as it gave me the opportunity to think about both my attitudes to and relationship with money. The "light bulb" moment was in realizing that my relationship with money is a LIFE-LONG RELATIONSHIP. And like any relationship it requires commitment, awareness, perseverance and joy in the evolving journey. Susan’s passion and ability to make and create this connection for the students was powerful. This course is a must for everybody that wants to understand, build, enjoy and/or re-affirm their commitment to their money relationship in supporting life purpose.
Ann C, Senior HR Executive