Profit Master Course - Realising the Profit in Your Business


Profit Master Course - Realising the Profit in Your Business

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Profit Master Course - Realising the Profit in Your Business

Take steps now to attain financial and personal peace of mind.

Identify unrealised profit in your business. Learn the inner workings of revenue, cashflow, expenses, sales targets, payroll and taxation to maximise the profitability and long term financial security of your business. 

"How do I make sure I don't run out of cash? How do I know if I am making a profit? How much more sales I need to make to employ new people? How much should I charge for my product/service? I work so hard every day and I am endlessly paying taxes. How can I reduce the tax without ending up in jail?"

When it comes to business finances, you walk around with these kind of unanswered questions in your head. You tune out when you're having a meeting with your accountant. His/her financial jargon goes over your head and lands in the tea cup!

You don't know what the profit and loss and balance sheet mean! Your bookkeeper or accountant provides you with the financial accounts after spending hours entering the business income and expenses. But you don't understand what they mean to your business.

You don't know how to use the numbers you see in the profit and loss to drive your sales and growth strategy. You don't know how to use the business profits to build your personal wealth. Do you know that it's possible?

The Balance Sheet is even worse! What do the accounts receivable and payable mean? How can you use your business cash flow to drive the growth in the business. Can the bank lend your business money to finance your business growth? 

If you don't know where to start, the numbers will be the first place to look! 

This 4 month Step by Step Program will give you the financial knowledge and confidence you need to make money intelligent decisions to help you grow your business and use its profits to build your wealth and strengthen your business financial position. The training you will receive will guarantee that you will become a "mini version of Warren Buffett" able to understand the numbers behind the business and make the right financial decisions that will impact your business for years.


Module 1: What's Your Business Money Story? Do you feel embarrassed to charge your clients what you're worth? Put an end to self-sabotaging money beliefs by understanding how your money story impacts your financial decisions in your business. Once you write and share the money story you've been telling yourself for years, you will realise that you can tell yourself a new more empowering money story that will take your business to new heights.

Module 2: Understand The Numbers. Learning how to read financial statements is an important financial skill every business owner needs to understand. Have fun with Susan in this module as she brings the numbers to life! You will learn what the profit and loss and balance sheet really mean. Say goodbye to "pretending to understand" the financial statement when you're in the presence of your accountant! 

Module 3: Understand the Key Financial Drivers. We (the bean counters!) call these KPI's, Key Performance Indicators. Without knowing your business's KPI's, you can't plan, you can't grow and you can't make a profit. This module will make or break your business. Susan's philosophy when it comes to KPI's is this: If cash is King, Profit is the Queen! 

Module 4: It's all about the Sales targets. Your sales targets for the year will dictate what you do every week. We break it down from one year sales targets to daily activities. The sales will drive the business activities. Understand how the numbers will dictate what you do with your sales team. We are going to also use manifestation, vision board and branding strategies to attract the right customers. 

Module 5: Let's do the Expense Budget. Yes we will do your business budget together. By the end of this module, you will end up with a budget that you understand, a budget that makes sense and a budget that you will use every month to guide your business growth. You will use this budget as you compare your actual with budgeted every month/quarter. You will use the budget to drive your marketing and sales strategy. You will be more excited about doing budgets than playing monopoly!

Module 6: Productivity is King. Without productivity, you have no profit and could end up running a loss. Learn how to set the productivity KPI's for each of your team members and monitor their performance every week. Improved productivity means the profit will be waiting for you at the end of the financial year. Make your accountant work hard to reduce the tax on that profit!

Module 7: Financial Management System in a Box. We bring the 6 modules altogether in a business financial plan so you can use it year in and out to ensure your business is not only on track, but it's growing and fulfilling its potential so you feel you've created a business that you are proud of its success, a business that you could sell in the future to finance your retirement and/or pass onto to your children. 

Module 8: Business Finances drive personal finances. You won't believe the number of financial and tax strategies that you are allowed to use to reduce your business tax and build your personal wealth! Wealthy business people in Australia have been using these tax strategies and structures for decades and they pay big accounting firms lots of money to set these structures up and administer them. Find out how you can adopt the wealthy's strategies and structures for a fraction of the cost and reduce your tax so that you build and protect your family's wealth. Susan's 25 years specialist tax experience will come in handy in this module! 


This is not just a feel-good course. It gives you real, practical steps that are easy to implement so you can build your Wealth Blueprint and implement your financial plan. 


Learn at your convenience as we do monthly group calls and online homework before we meet to activate the quarterly plan for a day immersion (currently run in Sydney only). 


Susan Wahhab is a Financial Strategist, CPA, SMSF Specialist and a Tax Agent. Her 25 years of financial and tax skills have helped hundreds of her clients become financially secure. 


  • How do I know if my business is making enough money?

  • How do I track my business expenses and keep them under control?

  • How do I develop financial projections?

  • How can I increase my sales without running out of money?

  • How can I manage my business expenses and keep them under control?

  • How can I create a budget for my business?

  • Is my profit equal to the money I have in the bank?

  • I am always busy but struggle with paying the bills and the wages by month's end? What am I doing wrong?

  • How can I get my employees to be more productive?

  • How much tax do I need to set aside to ensure I pay the taxman on time?

  • How can I use my business profits to secure my family's financial future?

  • How can I avoid burnout when I am constantly fighting to keep my business afloat?


  • This course runs over 4 months.

  • There are eight modules in the program. We will send you the videos and workbook every fortnight.

  • You need to watch the video and complete the workbook. This will only take 1-2 hours per fortnight.

  • Send through your completed homework by the end of each fortnight.

  • One on one call at the beginning of the course to get you started.

  • Fortnightly 8 group coaching sessions (1.5-2 hours) over 4 months.

  • Share your breakthroughs in a private group (Facebook/WhatsApp). Connect with like-minded people who will support you on your journey to prosperity.


The Profit Master Course For Business is designed and delivered by accountant and financial strategist Susan Wahhab. It is based on her transformational and practical book, Money Intelligence®. Susan offers a unique money philosophy by balancing the art of financial management with the science of personal development. With more than 25 years in the financial services industry, Susan has helped hundreds of clients become money savvy and achieve financial independence. And she can do the same for you.

Next Intake February 2019


Susan will be offering this course free of charge to one business person in need every time it is run. If you are a refugee, an indigenous Australian or a single mum who needs to start her/his life again, please email and tell her your story and why you want to do this course.


“I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone speak about money where you realise how genuinely it is about love, about value, about resourcing the joy in our life for all the right reasons.”

Sarah Cornally - Leadership advisor, author and former president of NSAA

“Susan’s work is an inspiration. I have known her for years now and can see how she has created such a successful business with care and attention. Now with Money Intelligence we get to see the events and ethos that shapes her advice, wealth philosophy and take on so much more than money.”

Matt Church - International Speaker and Founder of Thought Leaders Global

We scheduled a meeting with Susan to plan and set up our strategy for our goals of where we wanted to be in the next 5 years. After analysing in detail where and how we would proceed, Susan suggested we acquire a vision board.

In order to meet our goals within the next 5 years, Susan deconstructed our yearly sales targets down to specific numbers of customers and average sale, and showed us that we needed to come up with 3 more customers similar to one of our present highest paying client and put up our target on a vision board. 

We took a photo of one of our highest paying and most valued customer, along with another 3 black and white copies where we inserted a question mark on top. We positioned these 3 photos in a row in the middle of our new vision board.

A couple of weeks after, we were contacted to look after a gentleman’s home that was needing some care, his dear friend’s home and her brother-in-law’s home as well. A couple of weeks after that, we had a new contact to look after a new family’s home, their daughter’s and a neighbour’s home too. We were very perplexed why our last new contacts were coming in ‘3’s and then we had one of those “Oh my goodness” moments…

Susan’s vision board “thing” really works! She combines her number crunching skills with manifestation and metaphysical practices and the result is abundance and business growth. We love it!

Teresa and Paulo Cardoso - Extra-mile – Sydney P/L

“Being a small business owner can be challenging, lonely and requires creativity to consistently make a profit.  “Winner Partnership” has truly been my partner in business for over eleven years. I especially value their willingness to be creative and take an individual approach.  Their friendly and patient manner, coupled with expert financial assistance has made a significant difference to me personally, as well as the bottom line.”

Shirley Smith M.A.C.A Clinical Psychotherapist and Author – The Radiant Group