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Money Intelligence Finance is a Wealth Advisory Practice founded by financial strategist and author and CPA Susan Wahhab and Financial Planner and CPA Wendy Kayal. As Authorised Representatives of  Spectrum Wealth Advisers (ABN: 15 134 661 706), AFS Licensee No. 334400, we can provide financial planning, SMSF advice, insurance and investment advice.  

At Money Intelligence Finance we help motivated business and professional women build their wealth. We believe that creative, strategic financial advice is not just the privilege of the wealthy few – it is for everyone.  

We also believe “a man is not a financial plan”!  Women need to take control of their business and personal finances. With access to the right financial strategies and advice, you can make money intelligent decisions to secure your financial future. 

Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.

How we can help you build a better financial future

Plan for Retirement

Did you know that half of Australians aged 65 and over have less than $100,000 in income-producing assets? For most people, this means they must rely on the government pension in retirement. The pension is $23,823 for a single pensioner and $35,916 for a couple. Could you survive on this level of income for 20 years?

We believe that your super is your future. Take control of your super and enjoy a comfortable retirement by creating your self-managed super fund (SMSF). 

 At Money Intelligence Finance, we specialise in: 

SMSF structure advice. We consider your personal circumstances, work out the structure that’s right for you and create an investment strategy that fits your financial circumstances. Click HERE to learn more about SMSF

SMSF financial advice. Before you embark on your SMSF journey, we will help you create a strategy. We will draft your financial plan and work on the calculations to ensure the numbers add up. Each case is different, depending on your income, personal expenses, super contributions and insurance within the fund. Click HERE to learn more about SMSF

Superannuation advice. We provide salary packaging advice, including how much you can salary sacrifice and save in income tax. We help you consolidate all your super into the one fund so you can save on management fees. Spend one hour with our superannuation specialist to see how much tax you can save. 

Secure your Assets

Insurance advice to protect your assets and income 

 Life Insurance service. Life insurance protects you and your family from financial difficulty after an unexpected event, such as illness, injury or death. When you buy life insurance, it's important you understand the cost of the premiums, what is and isn't covered, and how your medical history might affect future claims. We help you find the best policy for your circumstances. You can have life insurance inside or outside your super. We advise you on where you should have your life insurance. 

 Total & Permanent Disability Insurance (TPD). A serious injury or illness can make it difficult or impossible for you to continue to work. If this happens, you will need to find a way to support yourself and your family. TPD cover is almost always purchased with life cover and can provide a financial safety net if you get a serious injury or illness that stops you from working. You can have TPD inside or outside your super. We advise you on where you should have your TPD insurance.

Income Protection Insurance service. Income protection insurance, also known as salary continuance, can help you manage your expenses if you are unable to work for a certain amount of time if you are sick or injured.If something happened to you, would you be able to survive on savings or sick pay? If not, you’ll need some other way to pay the bills and you might want to consider income protection insurance. You can have income protection insurance inside or outside your super. We advise you on where you should have your income protection insurance. 


We know that finding the right Wealth Adviser to partner with you is a choice not to be taken lightly. We also want to serve the right people. Before we take you on as a client, we call you to find out more about you and whether our services and philosophy works for you. Please leave your details here and we will call you to discuss

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