Our vision is a world where people are financially liberated so they can turn their attention to what’s really important for them: life purpose, relationships and their immediate and broader community.


We help people identify their underlying self-beliefs, embrace Money Intelligence values and shift their mindset to the one that best serves their purpose and the life they want to have.


We want you to live an Awesome life where you don’t have to worry about the mortgage during your working years and worry about living on the “humble pension” at retirement. We want you to free yourself from those financial burdens by helping you transform your mindset while strategically planning your financial liberation. To do this for you, we “cement” our core values in the money intelligence values:

Courage.  There are many distractions in our society that would “stray” you from the path of money intelligence. All of them are relevant and we understand cannot be discounted (t's ok you can still go shopping!). However we want to courageously say that we want you to strike a balance between “present living” and “future planning”.

Empowerment. We want to empower hard working people and families trying to survive the new challenges in this age of globalisation and fast technological advances. Every Australian deserves a fair go.

Contribution. We want to share our wisdom, knowledge and real life stories with those who come and walk our path. We are passionate about money intelligence and we are committed to help those who can afford us as well as those who cannot. Our blogs, newsletters, white papers and introductions to our money intelligence programs are free so that we can reach as many people as possible with our message. 

I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone speak about money where you realise how genuinely it is about love, about value, about resourcing the joy in our life for all the right reasons
— Sarah Cornally - Leadership advisor, author and former president of NSAA


1.     Personal transformation. The individual can make faster change in their lives than big institutions. We begin society’s transformation to a money intelligent one by transforming the individual’s mindset.

2.    Resourcing joy in your life. We encourage you to pursue financial liberation not as the final end but as a means to resourcing happiness, peace and joy in your life. We are aware that there is no happiness without the fulfillment of primary needs.

3.     Humanity’s transformation. We believe that our ripple effect philosophy of transforming one individual at a time, will reach society eventually. At some point in time, we foresee money intelligence values to be embraced by the wider society. 


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MQ Seminars

It's not IQ (Intellectual Intelligence; It's not EQ (Emotional Intelligence); It's not SQ (Spiritual Intelligence) that will build your wealth. It's MQ (Money Intelligence)!

Find out by attending one of our monthly MQ Seminars. Click below


MQ Super Seminars

The Future is Super! If you want to secure your retirement and financial future, you cannot ignore Super. Find out how you can take control of your money by setting up your Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF). Attend our quarterly Super Seminars. Click below

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MQ Bootcamps

No one is born with an "MQ gene" ready to be wealthy. MQ is learnable. That's why we created the MQ Bootcamp program to teach the average person how to achieve financial freedom. We run the Bootcamp twice a year. For more information on the MQ Bootcamp click below

FREE E BOOK: How to become an investorgetic® 

Are you an investorgetic®?  What's that, I hear you ask.  Investrogetic® is a term Susan Wahhab coined to mean someone who is passionate about investing.  Many people who are stuck in a consumerholic lifestyle don't know where to begin to invest and turn their lives around.  All the bags, shoes, "toys" and night outs won't help you in retirement when you no longer work and need to rely on your income generating assets.  You will need around 20 times your income in assets excluding your home.  Many Australian's are not on track to retire on the income they desire to maintain their current standard of living.  In this 52 page e-book Susan explores practical steps you can take to become an Investorgetic®.  

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