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You may think you are “not good” with money. No one is born with a Money Intelligence® gene. Money Intelligence® – or “MQ” – is totally achievable for anyone who wants to learn.

Money Intelligence® is not your average financial management advice/get-rich-quick book. The book is a step-by-step guide that aims at raising the reader's MQ level in order to help them improve their personal and financial life. It shows you that it is possible to emancipate yourself from the daily 9-5 grind and build your wealth responsibly. It is full of success stories of middle-income Aussies who have used Susan's financial strategies over the past 20 years to build their wealth and prosper.

The key to managing money intelligently and building wealth is to know yourself. Susan identifies the 18 money values and 48 mindset principles you need to adopt to achieve Money Intelligence® and as a result financial freedom. 

So, are you ready to increase your MQ and start having a healthy relationship with money? Let Money Intelligence®  kick-start your journey to financial freedom. 

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It’s an easy trap to fall into. Small business owners and professionals become so consumed with building their businesses and careers, they forget to grow their wealth. It is only when they reach the age of 50 that they realise they have inadequate investments and super funds, and only 10 to 15 working years ahead of them to save for their retirement.

This stark realisation is compounded by changes in the economy – the end of the mining boom, changes in labour market policies, offshoring Aussie workers’ jobs, the exploitation of 457 visas – which threaten the standard of living hard-working, middle-income Australians enjoy.

How can we cope with these changes and uncertainties? How can we build our wealth while also pursuing our passions and nurturing our relationships? With Money Intelligence® of course!


CPA, Author and Financial Strategist Susan Wahhab outlines her manga (big) vision for Australians: 


When you have Money Intelligence®, you have control of your financial outcomes. And when you have control, all of society prospers. In my book, I encourage you to embrace the following three ideas:

1.     We need to move from a mentality of entitlement to one of self-determination.

2.     We must shift our mindset from Consumerholic to Investorgetic® – a term I coined that means someone who is  passionate about investing responsibly to build their wealth.

3.     We must encourage everyone to increase their MQ, take control of their money and become self-funded at retirement.

Money Intelligence® is about never giving up on your dreams. My book guides you through the steps you need to take to create an achievable, sustainable plan for prosperity for yourself and your family – a financial blueprint that is anchored in values. Money Intelligence® will show you how to redefine old ideas about money and success, helping you reach your full potential – professionally and personally – so you can live a life of purpose and passion. Building your wealth as early as possible, with Money Intelligence®, will help you not only survive, but thrive! 

"What you need is a plan to prosper, a plan to give you hope and a future" Susan Wahhab

Money, Art & peace

Unlike other finance books, Money Intelligence® is fun and infused with art. When you buy the hard copy or ebook, you will receive mandala colouring sheets designed by the book’s artist, Natalie Najjar. I love art and I believe that art can heal human suffering and inspire us to create a more peaceful and caring society. That's why the net profits from the book will be going to organisations that promote peace and art, including the Sydney Peace Foundation, The Freedom Theatre Jenin, The Gaza Music School, Project Hope Nablus, EAPPI and the Parents Circle Forum. 

 Artist, Natalie Najjar

Artist, Natalie Najjar

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The concept of Money Intelligence is inspired by my family's story. Sharing about my parents and grandparents story lies at the core of the what it means to be money intelligent. I share with the reader photos of my childhood from Ramallah.