In this episode I speak with writer and award winning producer Sunny Grace. She shares about her passion for writing and why she wrote the Bower Girl, why she loves writing and how writing can change the world. Through her life experience growing up in a hippie commune in the 1970s, Sunny shares how we can live sustainably in balance with our environment locally and globally. "It's not about going bush running away", it's about balancing it all sustaining ourselves, those around us and the planet. Through her production company - Sun Productions - Sunny shares how she is a part of new conversations conversations in the fashion industry about female empowerment, female body image and ethical trade. She candidly advises women to let go of the need to "have it all" but at the same time fight for female empowerment and change the status quo. Trying to be perfect and keeping busy striving to succeed and "be happy" should not be women's end goal. It's about enjoying the journey, living a life of balance and accepting that it cannot be all perfect , that we can't "have it all". Women need to enjoy life and be grateful for the gift of being given life and giving life. 

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