In this episode, I speak with Architect Jan O'Connor, the genius creator and co-founder of the iconic T2 brand where she created the stores fitout, design, and packaging as well as the wholesale business. Jan candidly shares the story behind her departure from T2 and Melbourne to start a new life in Sydney with her husband well-renowned architect Tone Wheeler. She is the managing partner of Environa Studios, one of Australia's leading sustainable architectural practices. Jan has an eye for retail design and is always on the lookout for new and funky ideas to productise. Jan shares about sustainable living, environmental design and giving back to the community. She believes sharing ideas, collaboration and "it's about my neighbour" is what makes our lives richer and our hearts full. For her, success is not about money. It is about creating and sharing one's art with the community. Giving back is her way of resourcing happiness and joy in her life. 

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