Jane Anderson is a resilient and determined business woman. She bought her first home when she was 18 years old, survived a divorce, left her well paid corporate job and started her business 10 years ago. She had to learn fast how to attract clients and keep her new startup business going.

Jane is a personal brand expert and and one of 12 LinkedIn Influencers in Australia & NZ & her blog has been voted in the top 25 branding blogs globally. She holds one of the top 1% viewed LinkedIn profiles & is the host of the "Jane Anderson Show" Podcast. She was nominated for Telstra Business Women Awards in 2014 & 2016.

In this episode, Jane shares her tips on how to stay relevant at work in this fast changing world. She recommends that each one of us must look at ourselves as a business and work on our 3 year and 10 year plan just like what a business does. She believes that the risk that people face in their careers is sitting in a job thinking it's going to be there forever. Find out how you can stay ahead and listen to an accomplished and down to earth business woman. For the listeners of the podcast, Jane is offering a free diagnostic tool to help you generate more leads and sales in your business. Click on the link here to do the free test (valued at $80)