There are things in our modern life that women can’t guarantee, like marrying “a man in possession of a good fortune”! We believe that in this modern age, every woman (single or married) has the capacity to build her “good fortune” on her own or with her partner if she chooses. When it comes to financial independence, we believe every woman who sets her heart and mind on financial security will achieve it if she follows our proven financial blueprint. 

To help every woman who seeks our guidance and expertise to achieve her goals and retire comfortably, she needs to realise the potential in her business and make a decent profit which she will use to build her personal fortune.

We help small business women make enough profits to secure their personal wealth. Our step-by-step blueprint puts you on the path to financial liberation by helping you:

1.     Grow and boost your business profits.

2.     Build your superannuation retirement fund

3.     Secure your family home and pay off your home loan.

4.     Build your investment property portfolio.


We are passionate about sharing the financial knowledge and philosophy we have applied in our own business and personal lives to achieve our financial goals. We now want to share our proven strategies with business and professional women who have similar aspirations and the values of caring, sharing and contributing. 

To help you achieve this profound financial transformation of growing your business profits and building your wealth, we have combined our financial education practice with our wealth advisory and accounting practice. We provide these services in tandem to help our clients learn financial skills, implement financial strategies and stay motivated. The result we want to see for you is financial security and independence. 


Financial Education to transform your money mindset

We offer a range of educational programs and tools to help people raise their level of money intelligence® or financial literacy.  We offer a series of educational free seminar, courses and retreats.  


Wealth Advice and Planning for the life you want

Money Intelligence Finance is a Wealth Advisory Practice founded by financial strategist, author and CPA Susan Wahhab and Financial Planner and CPA Wendy Kayal. As Authorised Representatives of  Spectrum Wealth Advisers (ABN: 15 134 661 706), AFS Licensee No. 334400, we can provide financial planning, SMSF advice, insurance and investment advice.  

At Money Intelligence Finance we help motivated business and professional women build their wealth. We believe that creative, strategic financial advice is not just the privilege of the wealthy few – it is for everyone.  


Accounting and Tax Advice to organise your finances

Winner Partnership is a Financial Services firm in founded by financial strategist and author Susan Wahhab. The practice offers tax, accounting and bookkeeping services to investors and entrepreneurs. 

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