True wealth is not about material possessions. It is about what’s in our hearts and minds. When we talk about money at my Money Intelligence® — MQ bootcamp, we talk about our dreams and aspirations. We talk about our travels, investments and household budgets. We talk about school fees, wedding expenses and the cost of caring for elderly parents. We talk about relationships and how to strengthen your family bond with your partner and children.

Money is personal and we want to help you see money from your personal point of view. We believe prosperity is available to those who strengthen their relationships with their partners, children, work colleagues, customers, and their wider community. At the MQ Bootcamp, you get to experience the love you have for your family, community and country. 

To understand your money aspirations and increase your MQ, the Money Intelligence® Bootcamp focuses on the following questions:

  • Do you believe money is a force of good or evil? Why?
  • Do you believe that money can buy you happiness as well as material things?
  • Do you know what amount of money is enough
  • Do you believe you can attract wealth?

During the Money Intelligence® Bootcamp, you will:

1.       Get clear about your financial dreams. You will learn how to get the support you need to achieve them by creating Winner Partnerships with your partner, siblings and children.

2.       Understand your life’s purpose. Having a clear purpose means you can live an AWESOME life that fulfils and sustains you.

3.       Identify what ignites your passion and pursue it. Without passion in your life, you cannot create true wealth.

4.       Write your money story. This will help you identify past behaviours that have prevented you from enjoying personal and financial abundance. You will learn how to stop falling into these harmful patterns and adopt new Money Intelligence® behaviours that will transform you into an Investorgetic® – someone who is passionate about investing.

5.       Challenge your beliefs and values. You will adopt new Money Intelligence® values that will transition you from a state of mere survival to a life of “thrival”.

6.       Learn to say “no” to greed. Money Intelligence® does not mean amassing endless riches. I will help you understand how much is enough for you.

7.       Create a financial Blueprint. You will take control of your financial future by making decisions about where to invest your money. By becoming an active participant in building your wealth, you will discover just how much fun it is to create your own financial blueprint!

8.       Feel excited about making a real difference in the world. Happiness is linked with having a higher purpose. The world needs your love and compassion. Volunteering your time for issues or projects you feel passionate about has a positive impact on society, and ensures your life of passion and prosperity is sustainable. 



MQ Bootcamp 2017: Friday to Sunday 2nd to 4th February 2017. Venue in Sydney TBC

To find out more about the MQ Bootcamp, attend our MQ Seminars July - Sep 2017 where we explain the MQ Bootcamp in more detail: