Do you want to make more money and manage your money better?

Do you want to reduce your tax legally and build your wealth with the price of a cup of coffee a day?

Do you want to know the secret to getting ahead financially {how to pay down your home mortgage faster; how to build your property and share portfolio; and how to use your super to expedite your retirement}?

These three questions will be answered at this seminar by Author and Financial Strategist Susan Wahhab.

Susan is a CPA, Authorised Financial Advisor, SMSF Specialist. Susan has been operating her Accounting and Financial Services Practice “Winner Partnership” for 22 years. Her book Money Intelligence® details exactly how to get free from debt, build long-term wealth and retire in comfort and dignity.

Susan's groundbreaking philosophy of converging IQ (Intellectual Intelligence) and EQ (Emotional Intelligence) with her MQ (Money Intelligence®) establishes a new way of relating to money. Her philosophy of using "money for good" is key to solving the most pressing problems of our time: climate change, economic opportunity, poverty, health, education and social justice.

In this evening session, you’ll discover:

  • The 3 core problems that are stopping you from realising your personal and financial potential
  • Your exact “Money Type”. You will find out that knowing your Money Type is the key to making more money and managing it better

  • How to use Australia’s tax system to grow your assets and future proof your retirement.

  • How to use your money for good, make a difference and live a life of purpose.

So if you’re looking to get your money situation sorted, get peace of mind and fast-track your journey to financial freedom - sign up today.

Seminar Address: Suite 16, Level 4, 88 Pitt Street Street Sydney

Seminar Cost: $35 including Money Intelligence Book + booking fees. Fee is tax deductible

To Find out more about Money Intelligence, watch this 10 minute interview with Susan Wahhab on how to become money intelligent and build your wealth:

Seminar Attendees Testimonials

The seminar was fantastic. it was very easy to understand. Susan’s advice makes sense. I got a lot of tips like how to start saving money, how to be smarter with my money and how to be able to have a better life when I am 65 or 70. If I continue spending the money the way I’m doing now I would probably struggle as an old person and this made me realise I need to be smarter with my money. I will start doing salary sacrificing so I can save more in my super and later I want to start investing in an investment property.
— Paulo Mendez
I Thought the seminar was fantastic. I actually work in the finance industry. Susan as a Financial Strategist has a different approach to many financial planners. This comes out of her background in accounting, property investing and her whole general knowledge of the culture and attitude to money. She looks at all the different angles and gives you a broken down, plain English approach on how to invest and make it successful. Her whole approach to investing in the markets and self managed super funds is totally refreshing.
— Reyna Harwood