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"You work so hard for your money. How can you use it to get financially ahead?" 

Susan Wahhab CPA, Financial Strategist and Money mentor loves to cook (literally) and she loves cooking up (legally) out of the box financial strategies for her clients to get financially ahead!

What is this Seminar about?

Based on her book Money Intelligence®, Financial Strategist Author and Thought Leader Susan Wahhab will share her Financial Strategies that she has been using in her practice with hundreds of clients on how to build long-term wealth using Home Equity and Super. Susan will cover the following at this Seminar:

1. Find out what you need to do to future proof your retirement.
2. Learn how you can use the tax system to build your Super faster than the average "man on the street"!
3. Learn how you can reduce your tax using your home equity to leverage your property portfolio.
4. Learn how you can buy property, land, car parks, farms with your Super Fund money and become a self-funded retiree
5. Learn how you can transfer your shares and business premises to your SMSF and get your money out of the fund without needing to retire.


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Where? Winner Office - Suite 16 Level 4, 88 Pitt Street Sydney (close to Martin Place)

When? Wednesday 2nd May 2018. 5:30PM - 7:30PM

How much? Free to Winner Clients, Friends and Family and Money Intelligence book purchasers


Seminar Attendees Testimonials

“I was so inspired by your talk about property and Super; I’ve been trying to find out this information for years, literally.” Bernadette Foley, Editor and Publisher

"The seminar was fantastic. it was very easy to understand. Susan's advice makes sense. I got a lot of tips like how to start saving money, how to be smarter with my money and how to be able to have a better life when I am 65 or 70. If I continue spending the money the way I'm doing now I would probably struggle as an old person and this made me realise I need to be smarter with my money. I will start doing salary sacrificing so I can save more in my super and later I want to start investing in an investment property".   Paulo Mendez

"I Thought the seminar was fantastic. I actually work in the finance industry. Susan as a Financial Strategist has a different approach to many financial planners. This comes out of her background in accounting, property investing and her whole general knowledge of the culture and attitude to money. She looks at all the different angles and gives you a broken down, plain English approach to how to invest and make it successful. Her whole approach to investing in the markets and self-managed super funds is totally refreshing"  Reyna Heywood


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