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Susan Wahhab is a thought leader and financial strategist with an uncanny ability to create lateral solutions to complex financial problems (her clients simply call her the dream maker).  She established her accounting and financial services practice - Winner Partnership - in July 1995 using a $15,000 overdraft secured by her parents’ home. Hailing from a long line of small family business pioneers, Susan is passionate about small business and believes that governments can do more to help entrepreneurs and small business people flourish. She is particularly committed to empowering business and professional women to succeed.  

Susan has a Bachelor of Business (Accounting), Masters in Commerce (Accounting), a Diploma in Financial Services, and Certificate in Property Services (Real Estate).  She is a qualified CPA, an SMSF Specialist and a Licensed Tax Agent.

Susan lives in Sydney with her husband, Josh Govind, and son, Gabriel. When she is not helping others financially flourish, Susan enjoys cooking – and teaching her son advanced mathematics! She also has a keen interest in poetry, philosophy and the history of ancient civilisations.

Who would have thought that a book by an accountant could be so engaging, heartfelt and profound, as well as practical, informative and liberating? The strategies and value driven philosophies in this book helped me and my partner to courageously get on the wealth track, stay on track and increase our MQ! I have had the pleasure to reap the rewards of Susan as our Money Mentor, but now we can all have her by our bedside, reminding us daily of the Investorgetic habits to live by. We all need a cheerleader! (and the outfit to match!) Make your next determined step to financial liberation - read this book.
— Gabriella Horak - CEO What's Your Edge? Speaker and Facilitator

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Susan's Story


I grew up in Israeli-occupied Ramallah, Palestine, where my father owned a bread run and grocery store. My dad was charming, passionate and full of charisma. He was one of the first Palestinians to introduce Israeli bread – Western-style unsliced loaves of bread – to Palestinian towns and villages across the West Bank.

My dad was good at making money, but he was not good at managing money. His strong entrepreneurial spirit enabled him to build a successful bread run, yet he found himself in deep financial trouble. He had entrusted his grocery store to a friend to manage, but the store was also losing money due to mismanagement. Dad had to use the profits from the bread run to keep the store afloat. Our family’s debts grew out of control.

Meanwhile, my mother was busy looking after her five small children. She helped dad as much as she could, doing the bookkeeping and cash counting at night. I remember my parents fighting over money. “Where is the money and where did you spend it?” my mother would ask. Dad was always short paying the bread bills. Something needed to change. 


I was six years old when I met my dad’s friend, Eli Mahlab. He was also charming, passionate and full of charisma. He knew dad was in financial trouble and was concerned for our family, so he called my mother to find out exactly what was happening. He then drove from Jerusalem to Ramallah to give my parents his two-cents worth. I eavesdropped on their discussion about business and money while I pretended to play – my first unofficial business meeting!

The scene is etched in my mind: the three of them sat in the middle of dad’s shop, sipping coffee and talking. Eli, a Sephardic Jew from Iraq who was fluent in Arabic, said to dad: “You need to get your wife involved in the business and manage the finances, because she is good at it and you're not. You're good at making the money.”

Eli then turned to mum and said, “You need to step up and take control of the business finances before it collapses. You’re good with managing money.”

Remember, this was 1975 – not 2016! And this was Ramallah – not New York! We are talking about a time when a woman’s place was in the home. Eli had just proposed a revolutionary idea to my parents: empower the woman with what she does best – manage money!

How did my parents react to this advice? They debated all week! They worried what others would say, how my mum would cope managing five children and a business, how they would let go of their friend managing the shop, how long it would take to pay their debts … the list went on. 


Despite their fears, my parents joined forces with Eli to became what I call the Winner Partnership M3 team: my dad, the money maker; my mum, the money manager; and Eli, the money mentor. Each brought a different skill to the team to make the businesses succeed. With Eli’s guidance and advice, between 1975 and 1986, my parents built two successful businesses while also dealing with the many restrictions imposed on them by the Israeli occupation. My mother’s exceptional money management skills and financial discipline meant my parents paid off their debts, as well as a new Mercedes truck for the bread run. They built a beautiful three-storey house surrounded by mountains of olive groves, and saved enough money to send me and my siblings to university.

Focusing on their “Magna Vision” and working as a team was paramount to ensuring their goals were achieved.

Watching and learning from my parents, my own money management skills flourished. I migrated to Australia in 1986, and in 1995 established my own accounting and financial services practice. Through my business, Winner Partnership Pty Ltd, I have worked with thousands of investors and entrepreneurs over the years in a wide range of industries. I have helped them to not only make more money, but manage their money effectively – and in a socially conscientious and environmentally responsible manner.

You, too, can apply Money Intelligence® to your own life. Let me help you raise your MQ and build a life of wealth, happiness and purpose. Read my book and join me for the exhilarating journey of Money Intelligence®.

Susan Wahhab’s book ‘Money Intelligence’ is truly inspirational! So beautifully written from the heart, it is so much more than a finance book. Susan’s ability to weave in her incredible personal story gives hope to a fractured world that we can unite and find a way to world peace, while her advice on money intelligence is so compelling and practical that not only can we all learn from Susan’s wisdom, but also recognise a better and more prosperous and generous way of being in the world. Thank you Susan for writing this book and for sharing your family, your history and your incredible wisdom with us all.
— Maree McKeown - Facilitator, Speaker, Mentor

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