Susan Wahhab - Partner, SMSF Specialist and Money Mentor

Susan Wahhab is known for listening carefully and asking insightful questions to transform her clients' financial lives.

Susan knows what it’s like to balance business, work and family. When Susan established her financial services practice in 1995, she worked overtime and weekends. In fact, she had no social life for the first seven years while building the practice and continued to run it while having a baby in 2008. But it has been a fulfilling and fruitful journey that serves her clients well.

Susan is the author of the transformational and practical book, Money Intelligence® – Anchored in Values (click HERE to learn more). She is passionate about helping people achieve financial liberation. She truly believes that people can become financially free by developing a healthy relationship with money.

Susan is a leading financial strategist with an uncanny ability to create lateral solutions to complex tax problems. She is a CPA, an Authorised Financial Adviser with Spectrum Wealth Advisers Pty Ltd (AFSL no. 334400) and an SMSF Specialist. Susan does an extensive amount of professional development (more than 100 hours a year, way above the industry standard!) to remain current with changing laws and improve her personal development and leadership skills. She has a deeply caring nature and uncompromising ethical standards.  

Susan is also a passionate peace activist, having been born in the most fought-over city in the world, Jerusalem. Her family can trace their Palestinian Christian heritage back over 2000 years. She has an amazing knowledge of world history and loves reading the philosophy of great thinkers. Susan loves her family and is a great mum. She is a fantastic cook and pedantic housekeeper. She donates generously to charity and sponsors 10 children through World Vision and Compassion in Jesus’ name. Susan should relax more and trust her intuition!  


University of Western Sydney
Bachelor of Business (Accounting), 1990  

Master of Commerce (Accounting), 1992

CPA Australia
CPA Program, 1996

Results Accountants Systems
Business Coaching with Paul Dunn, 1998-2000

Financial Planning Association
Diploma of Financial Planning, 2004   

SMSF Association
SMSF Specialist Adviser Accreditation, 2014

Thought Leaders Business School
Thought Leadership Training, 2014-2015

The Langley Group Institute
Diploma of Positive Psychology, 2018-2019

Memberships & Affiliations

  • CPA Australia member

  • NTAA member

  • SMSF Association

  • Spectrum Wealth Advisers

  • Tax Practitioners Board

Leadership & Business Training

  • Landmark Education

  • Matt Church and Thought Leaders Business School

  • Sarah Cornally

  • The Radiant Group

  • The Fortune Institute

  • Barbara and Terry Tebo

  • Authentic Education

  • London Real Academy

  • Institute of Executive Coaching

  • Sandler Training

  • Australian Business Women's Network

  • Athena Network

  • Australian Executive Women's Network

Susan is a strong, confident and extremely knowledgeable leader in the area of finances. What I admire most about her is her dedication to growth and learning; because of her dedication to that feat, she will always come back with more and better information, insights and teachings for you. I will not pass up an opportunity to learn from her.
— Mary Alexandra, Feminine Strong Academy
Susan is open minded, well informed and skilfull. She consistently impresses me with her passion for her work and the quality of her advice. Her knowledge and expertise is underpinned by her commitment to continuous learning to ensure she delivers the best value to her clients.
— Sarah Cornally, Culture Transformation Adviser
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