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The Money Type Quiz evaluates your mindset, behaviours and results when it comes to making and managing money. Essentially personal financial management is about money coming in (income) from work or investments and money going out (expenses) to pay for bills. What you are left with is savings which you can they use for investments to build your wealth.


A Breaker Manager is someone who limits their ability to generate income but is good at managing the money they do make. They break the flow of money to themselves. They tend to be more laid back in their career with a focus on the other pleasures of life. For a Breaker Manager the focus in increasing their MQ should be being more proactive around making money.

Breaker Managers should be very proud of your money-management abilities. They are frugal with every dollar. They probably have some money leaks but they don’t cost them much. Strong Breaker Managers are probably able to save and invest no matter what their income. They are very resourceful, diligent and conscientious making do with whatever they have.







Cutting costs all the time can end up shrinking their life. There are probably still some better ways they could manage their money to allow them to do more of what they love and invest in their passions. Even if a Breaker Manager does have a personal budget they look at the 9 key expense categories every budget should have and invest in things like training and development.

Breaker Managers tend to be more laid back/ reactive when it comes to their work/ careers. They tend to live by the motto "work to live not live to work". They don’t want the extra stress and responsibility. They tend to have other priorities.


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Some big questions for Breaker Managers are "Do you enjoy your current career?" , "Can you really spend the next 20 or 30 years doing something you don’t enjoy?", "What is the cost/ impact of that on your health, soul and peace of mind?", "Would you be better served doing something you are more passionate about?". The opportunity here for Breaker Managers is to find a way to prosper from their passion. There are probably some ways they could leverage the knowledge, skills and experience from their current career to transition over to something they are passionate about.

For Breaker Managers to be able to retire without having to live on the pension will mean that they will need to generate passive income from assets. As a rule, they will need around 20 times their desired retirement income in net assets excluding their home. The way western governments are going they won’t be able afford to pay the pension with their deficits. If the Breaker Managers current job provides them with a decent income and they can put up with it then they should look to divert a percentage of their income to invest in assets.

Breaker Managers should consider tax effective investment vehicles like self-managed super funds (SMSF) and trusts to plan for their retirement and pass assets to the next generation. If all of this seems too daunting then they should get some help, team up with a proactive Money Maker and a experienced Money Mentor and create a Winner Partnership.

The most important thing for a Breaker Manager is to further their financial education and increase their money intelligence.

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