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transform your financial future with money Intelligence”


transform your financial future with money Intelligence”

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Money Intelligence Book

Don't know what you need to do to begin your prosperity journey? 

Whether you spent too much money when you were young and free, lost money investing with the wrong people or never bothered thinking about money, it's never too late to begin again. 

Susan Wahhab, CPA and Financial Strategist shares her proven personal and professional strategies to achieve Financial Liberation in her practical book Money Intelligence®. For the price of dinner buy the book and feed your mind.

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FREE MQ Assessment

What type of money person are you?  

Are you someone who is organised, saves and invests or do you spend most of the money you have, or in debt? Are you someone who goes out of their way to add value and make money or are you laid back and taking it easy? 

Knowing your money type and understanding your strengths and weaknesses is key to financial success.  

Find out your MQ Type and learn strategies to improve your MQ.


Money Intelligence Academy

Don't know where to start with your finances? 

Our mission is to raise the level of society's MQ through books, seminars and courses..  

Educational Seminars: We run Money Seminars monthly and Super Seminars quarterly. Learn what you need to do to secure your financial future.

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Online Money Courses are run online over 8 -12 weeks. Find out how you can change your money story and take care of your finances. 

Money Intelligence - The key to solving our money problems

Avoid the money mistakes many people make

Money Intelligence represents two decades of financial experience and wisdom from CPA and Financial Strategist Susan Wahhab.

Over the past 22 years working in her accounting and financial services practice Winner Partnership, Susan has advised thousands of people over the years in financial and tax matters. A small number of those clients (around 25%) were/are “excited” to work with her on securing their long term and retirement needs. The rest of the clients were/are consistently seeking ad-hoc, short term financial advice related to lifestyle goals (buying the family home, leasing a car and going on an overseas holiday). She saw this trend—YOLO (you only live once!)—was also happening across society. Why plan for the future when you are enjoying the present?

"It is so easy to get lost about what is important in the pursuit of money that we need values to guide us"

Susan realised the fundamental problem for the majority of her clients (and society at large) was a lack of clarity on the core values driving their financial decisions. She wanted to help them switch from short term tactics to long term strategic planning. She embarked on writing her Money Intelligence® book which she wants to share not only with her clients but all Australians. She created a process to enable her clients and the wider community to uncover these limiting money beliefs and shift to Money Intelligence Values. This process aims to help people move from a state of “survival tactics” to embrace what she calls a “Thrival Strategy”. Susan wants you to become an Investorgetic®—a term she coined to mean someone who is passionate about investing.

"The age of the pension is ending. The biggest money mistake you could ever make is to assume you will receive the pension when you retire"

The main problem is that as they approach retirement, millions of people will not have ENOUGH money to retire on the income necessary to maintain their current standard of living.  Add to the problem, western governments facing years of budget deficits to support an ageing population living longer on the pension. When the life expectancy for a male in 1950s Australia was 66 years of age, the government's old age pension was paid (on average) for 2 years. The current life expectancy of a male in Australia is 79 which means the government pension is being paid (on average) over 14 years. The numbers of retirees also increased the past 20 years from 1.6 million in 1996 to 3.3 million in 2016. These factors are adding more burden on the fiscal budget, hence the government's push to change pension criteria and superannuation laws to take into account of those social and demographic changes. 

"The only solution to this massive social problem is for people to take personal responsibility of their financial lives and plan for a future without the pension"

It all starts with taking personal responsibility.  What is needed is a Money Mindset Shift - become money intelligent, forget about relying on the pension (do you know that it's only $23,096 for a single pensioner and $34,819 for a couple as at March 2017?) and take control of your financial future, reduce your Consumerholic habits, pay down your personal debt including your own home, and invest in income producing assets that will withstand the test of time.

Buy Susan's practical book that provides a clear pathway for Financial Transformation.  It is unlike any other financial literacy book.  It is written in a story telling style where Susan shares about her Palestinian parents as Money Maker and Money Manager and their Jewish Israeli friend as their Money Mentor.  

Her financial message goes beyond making money. She believes that money should be used for good including making peace. 


An Invitation to connect


An Invitation to connect