Profit Master Program - 13 Jan 2020


Money Intelligence Course - Master Your Business Finances (12 Months)


You’ve had the courage to start your own business. Now it’s time to make it thrive, flourish and turn over a decent profit!

Identify the unrealised profits in your business with the Profit Master Course. This 12-month step-by-step program will show you how you can achieve high business profitability and use those profits to build your personal wealth. You will discover the inner workings of revenue, cash flow, expenses, sales targets, payroll and taxation to maximise profitability and long-term financial security.

This 12 month Step by Step Program will give you the financial knowledge and confidence you need to make money intelligent decisions to help you grow your business and use its profits to build your wealth and strengthen your business financial position. The training you will receive will guarantee that you will become a "mini version of Warren Buffett" able to understand the numbers behind the business and make the right financial decisions that will impact your business for years.

Next program starts 13 January 2020

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