How Can You Take Control of Your Money?

How Can You Take Control of Your Money?

A dear Irish client's dad once told him "one pound in, one pound and one pence out equals misery. One pound in, 99 pence out equals happiness." There you go, the world's money problems solved with a simple formula! So why do we have so many money problems?

I have been witness to the same money mistakes being made again and again. My vision is to help people have a healthy and powerful relationship to money where they are in control of their money rather than money controlling them. After 20 years, I realised the only way to achieve this vision, is to finally tell the truth.

And the truth is that the current relationship many people have to money is "one pound in, one pound and one pence out". It's misery they become numb and used to. They become used to credit cards being used to finance lifestyle choices (including going on holidays). They become used to constant refinancing to consolidate an ever expanding consumer debt. They become used to living pay check to pay check. They become used to running their business on overdrafts, they become used to paying their tax debt in instalments, they become used to running their lives with all this financial stress and uncertainty hanging around their necks. One change (loss of job, loss of client contract, an illness) could tip them over the precipice. I have seen it and keep seeing it over and over while I continue giving band aid solutions to clients "urgent" money problems and withhold the truth.

I can really see that "the truth can set all of us free" because only the truth can allow us to raise our awareness and feel the impact of our behaviours and habits on our mental and emotional health, on our authentic self and our natural state of happiness. So I continue to invite you to change your financial life and take control of your money, change your habits and set systems in place to pay down debt and start saving for your future. I will be holding a free Webinar on Wednesday 3rd October 2018, 7pm-8pm to share the 3 steps you need to make to take control of your money.


Here's what one participant shared about her experience in the course:

"The Money Intelligence course allowed us to finally get in control of our financial situation - which we had been avoiding for years. Susan’s honest and practical approach enabled us to really face our “roadblocks” and to push through them. We now feel confident in our ability to provide for our future and for our children and retirement. Thanks to Susan we have savings in the bank, we are debt free and are about to purchase our second investment property."

Make Transformation stick

On Wednesday 3rd October 2018 (7:00PM - 8:00PM), I will be running a free webinar to share with you the 3 critical steps you need to take to master your money once and for all. No gimmicks, no get rich quick scheme, no tactics! You will discover the 3 steps to transform your financial life from the inside out. I will be available to answer any questions you have.


I hope to see you on the webinar. Let's have a discussion about how you can take control of your finances so that you fulfill your financial potential.

Yours in Prosperity,

Susan Wahhab CPA
CPA | Financial Strategist | Money Mentor

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